Three new, exciting classes for adults starting in January

5 week Boxing Fitness Training

Do you need stress relief?  Looking for fitness that gives you a happy high?  Put on boxing gloves and do a fun, challenging workout guided by a National Golden Gloves champion.  Learn how to throw a real punch and get in some strong kicks.  Boxing is considered by researchers to be one of the most effective workouts you can do for overall toning, strength and conditioning.  All levels of fitness welcome.

 $60 plus $49 equipment fee ($150 value)

Wednesdays, Jan 22-Feb 19


Space is limited-Sign up today

4 week Senior Self Defense

Adults age 55+ are welcome to learn practical self-defense and improve overall fitness.  Everyone should know the basics of how to protect yourself.  Discover how to avoid dangerous situations and what to do if you find yourself in a position where you need to defend yourself.  Students will gain confidence and learn martial arts moves that anyone can do.  Beginners welcome!

 $54 plus $39 equipment fee ($140 value)

Thursdays, Feb 6-Feb 27


Space is limited-Sign up today

4 week Arnis stick training

Different movement activities affect the brain in different ways.  Practicing martial arts with "arnis sticks" in your hands will help give you a good workout as well as improve your coordination, strength and overall well-being.  Students will learn a series of movements anyone can do and get to strike targets.  Beginners welcome!

 $54 plus $49 equipment fee ($150 value)

Wednesdays, Feb 26-Mar 18


Space is limited-Sign up today

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