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Action Karate Visual Training Mats

The perfect training tool for practicing at home! We use the "clock principal" in working our katas and self defense. It is a great way for students to grasp the concepts of techniques. (example: Step right foot towards 6 o'clock and do a left inward block towards 12 o'clock). No matter if you are training virtually or in person, at home practice is a must for anyone training for their Black Belt. This mat will improve your training guaranteed.

$30.00 each

Multiple Colors available:  







Asah Sharks!


Our Asah Sharks will have an interactive book to use to earn their next belt.

This book is the basis of our curriculum for the next three months. Each story includes an interactive homework assignment. Students who complete this book will receive a patch with their next belt. 

Pre-order today.  $20 for one or $15 each for two or more. 


Black Belt Leadership!


Next weapon is Arnis Sticks

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