Breaking Bad 2.0

Action Karate HIT Team 2.0 is now Breaking Bad 2020.


You are breaking bad habits, breaking boards and beginning the best life you’ve ever had.

This is the year to crush your New Year’s Resolution.


Have you ever envisioned yourself being able to complete workouts with the excitement and skill of professional athletes? This is the challenge that will change your life.


This isn’t a stationary bike. This isn’t a gym. This isn’t a group class. This is a full team dedicated to getting you into the best shape of your life and loving it. 


You are breaking bad habits, breaking boards and beginning a new life.


When: Saturday mornings 1/11 to 2/8 every week 8:30 am to 9:45 am 


Who: Your instructors are

        Shelley Brenner National Golden Gloves champion and second degree black belt

        Matthew Brenner, certified nutrition coach and owner of High Five Nutrition

        Tim Wetzel longtime college professor, Black Belt and Tae Kwan Do practitioner

        Joe Smith, Black Belt and lifetime Kenpo Karate martial artist


This 5 Week Program is meant to be a serious challenge for people who are willing to play full out for the duration of the program.


For the first time ever, our high intensity training is available to non-martial arts students.

Breaking Bad is limited to a Total of 5 NEW students who are committed and determined to make a real impact in their personal development.  


Here’s what’s included:


5    75-minute Private Group Training Classes with high-intensity workouts and creative curriculum beyond typical classes (Value $400)

Custom nutrition plan and weekly live coaching (Value $397)

Daily Workouts to be done Monday-Friday (Value $99)

1 Book (Value $20)

1 T-shirt (Value $15)

Boardbreaking (Value $20) 

Daily Check-ins (Value $199)

Earn a belt rank up (Value $654)

Total value $1,804

Now through Jan. 1 $497 (Tuition increase to $697 after January 1)

(267) 282-1170

11 W. Mt.Airy Ave, Philadelphia PA 19119

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