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Action Karate Kids Club


The perfect way to manage your kids' schedule this fall.

A way to get kids out of the house every day so parents can have a break and get work done.


It’s the best of all worlds: Students complete synchronous or school work at home, students get out of the house, and the fee is far lower than all-day child care or private school.

What's included:
  • Daily martial arts class with opportunities to earn belts & patches & daily fitness challenges

  • Plenty of space for completing asynchronous homework

  • WiFi (Electronic device not provided)

  • Supervision by our dedicated team

  • Socially distanced interaction in a positive environment​


$149 includes equipment pack: gloves, uniform carry bag, nunchucks and more.

For current students registration is $49.


$169 Per week

$149 Additional sibling per week

$1,694 Paid in full by Sept. 7

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