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My name wasn’t always Cam Awesome.

Growing up, I struggled a lot. Both academically and socially. After years of anxiety and bullying, I eventually joined a boxing gym in order to learn to protect myself.

I immediately fell in love.

Finally, here was something I could be great at. I threw my whole life into the ring, and dedicated myself to becoming the greatest boxer I possibly could.

Two years later, in 2008, I won the National Championship and became the #1 Super Heavyweight boxer in the nation.

Today, I am the Winningest Boxer in USA Boxing history, and I hold four Golden Glove Championships, six U.S. Championships, three PAL National Championships, six Ringside Championships, and three Olympic trials. My story was featured in the Netflix Original documentary Counterpunch.

No longer active in the sport, I now travel the country to share what boxing taught me: mental toughness, gratitude, cultural awareness, and how to develop a championship mindset.

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