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The Resilient Parent. Three women. Three inspiring stories.

Each one of these was featured for thousands of viewers at the December 2023 Black Belt test. We are sharing them here to remind you to get to your goals, you can overcome your obstacles.

Story 1: After she got her junior black belt, Kyia hit a slump during the pandemic. The kind of thing a lot of teens go through: She just didn't feel like doing this anymore. Here is her triumphant story, being the kind of teen we all admire.

Story 2: A mom was willing to follow her child's footsteps and try Action Karate for a month. She loved it and decided to train for her Black Belt. Then there were struggles, and she still made it.

Story 3: A premature miracle baby spent his first 5 months of life in a hospital. He couldn't walk until he was 3 and even then, with a walker. He is now a black belt. Here's his story.

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