Our Team

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Sensei Rochelle Brenner, Founding Director

Sensei Rochelle is a third-degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and former USA Boxing judge and coach. She began her martial arts career as a child in a family of martial artists and earned her Black Belt from Action Karate in 2000. She was the 2008 National Women’s Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and ranked No. 1 in the nation in her weight class. That same year, Rochelle was the first woman ever honored by the Boxing Writers Association of America for her first-person account of fighting in the ring. She has won numerous sports-writing awards. She was recently featured in the Hall of Fame book, “Championship Rounds.” She is a Temple University graduate.

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Tariq Boston, Program Director

Tariq, a first degree black belt, is a former NCAA Division 1 All-American and three-sport athlete (track, football and baseball) but his new passion is martial arts. If he’s not teaching, he’s training. He first tried martial arts at age 4 and regained his passion for it upon performing stunt work in various films many years later. Tariq has an MBA and a past career as a construction consultant before he realized how much fun it would be to pursue a career in karate. Tariq is also a working actor and model and you will likely see his face on billboards, TV commercials or print ads. He grew up right here in Mt. Airy.

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Tim Wetzel, Head Instructor

Tim is a lifelong martial artist who trained extensively in Tae Kwan Do and now has his second degree black belt in Kenpo Karate. He has a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology. Tim had a successful career as a professor of computer animation and game arts at the Art Institute, Drexel and Moore College before committing to the martial arts full-time. He is a well respected professor with high expectations for his students.  His wife and children are also black belts and actively training in martial arts. He grew up in Kenya and has now lived in Philadelphia for 31 years. 

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Marion Forsythe, Assistant Instructor

Marion is a certified instructor at Action Karate.  She has a BA in Art Studio & Art History from Chestnut Hill College.  She studied French and Marketing as well.  Marion has had a diverse career, including leadership of large/remote call center teams. She is currently the Director of Engagement Strategy for Accolade, Inc. Marion was a Taekwondo student many years ago and was known by her peers and instructors as the "Powerhouse." Marion was inspired to train in Karate by her son.  They train together and earned their black belts together.   

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Dominic Brown, Staff Instructor

Dom started teaching karate as a teenager and has more than 10 years of experience.  He started training at age 10 with Master Ed Iannucci and earned his second-degree black belt in a style that incorporates both Karate and Tae Kwan Do. Dom started teaching with Master Ed at age 15 and is proud to set an example and share the knowledge and life skills he gained at a young age. When that karate school shut down during the pandemic, he was hired to teach at Action Karate. If you’ve seen him on the mat, you know he is a completely different person when he is teaching -- everything about him shines. He quickly earned certifications to teach all ages at Action. Dom is a lifelong resident of West Oak Lane who studied business after graduating from the Philadelphia Military Academy.

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Eva Webb, Assistant Instructor

Eva attends St. Joseph’s majoring in communications. In her high school sports career, she competed in varsity cheer, track and fencing.  She continues her cheer in college.  She also earned 4’s in her AP tests for psych and bio. She coordinates camp activities over the summer and teaches both ninja and basic classes while continuing her own martial arts education when she’s not doing back flips.

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Jaden Hampton, Assistant Instructor

Jaden is a dedicated martial artist and first degree black belt.  He is a dynamic instructor who teaches at all three locations.  

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Kelly Van Train,  Executive Director, Action Scholarship Fund

Dr. Van Train’s job is managing a non-profit that coordinates 50+ martial arts schools and is based in an office at 9 W. Mt. Airy Avenue. She is also the most active volunteer parent of 4 students at the karate school.  Fly-killer, Seamstress, Instructor, Innovative product developer, She-who-knows-everything and gets it done.  Kelly has a PhD in molecular biology and works as the Director of contracts and grants for a medical device company, which she says pales in comparison to the accomplishment she felt earning her Black Belt. In her spare time, she has 5 kids, a dog and does all the embroidery. She won a National Championship with Villanova as the two-seat in crew and was a varsity swimmer in high school. Four of her kids are active martial arts students and the other one is a ranked high school squash player.  While everyone else has one job description, she has seven.