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Mt. Airy Class Schedule

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Zoom ID: 267 282 1170                   password: action

November 2023 Schedule.png

Educators & Schools

 Add character-based martial arts to your virtual learning

We serve private, public, charter, and pre-schools.


Everyone can be a martial artist and succeed in personal growth


The class prepares child for success and improves social skills with peers. 

The class  teaches sharing and cooperation while developing confidence and discipline

Ninja (3-7yrs)


The class develops crucial  life skills including a positive mental attitude, goal-setting, grit, listening, perseverance, self-control, and confidence.

Basic (7-12yrs)


Our adult class focuses on high-intensity fitness and real self-defense training.  Come and join us, it's never too late to begin martial arts!  All ages welcome.

Teen & Adult

New Students

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Action Karate Mt. Airy Location

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