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Martial Arts Ambassador Certification

Martial arts has been around for 1000s of years. The reason: there has always been someone willing to encourage others to get involved and pass on their knowledge. This one-day classroom certification course will teach you how we share the martial arts in the community. 


Why choose to be a Certified Martial Arts Ambassador?

  • You love what we do and want to help others begin their martial arts journey

  • Be home for your kids

  • Set your own hours

There are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to train in the martial arts. Through our Ambassador Certification you’ll learn how to help people understand what training in the martial arts really means and how to find and execute events to help others get involved. 


Course Description

This one-day (4 hour) course will teach:

  • Scheduling someone’s first lesson

  • Birthday parties and special events

  • Ambassador tables and community outreach


Qualifications for course: 

  • Age 18 and up

  • Must have a background check


We are committed to providing you with a high-quality education at an affordable investment. Make an investment in yourself today!


Next course is January 21 from 8:00am to 12:00pm at Action Karate Whitehall, North Wales, and Cinnaminson

Early Bird Registration (Before January 7) $149 –Use Coupon Code EARLYBIRD at Checkout

Registration After January 7: $199


Re-Certification for previously trained Ambassadors (every 18 months) $25—Use code RECERT

Register for all 5 Instructor Certifications: Ninja Shark Class, White through Red Class, Adult/Black Belt Class, Program Director, and Ambassador $495—See your instructor.  

Career Acceleration Certification Program (Private Training)—See your instructor. 


Here’s the link to register


After you register, please fill out the form below for your instructor.


Please review all videos, memorize how to schedule someone’s first visit and complete the quiz before attending January 21. 



NJ Background Check:

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