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A Little Blue A.C.T.I.O.N News Library

Check out this new community project right here in Mt. Airy!

It’s called Actual Common Times In Our Neighborhood (A.C.T.I.O.N.)

This blue “A.C.T.I.O.N news” box is a reimagined little library where the community writes the stories.

Here’s how it works: open the main door to get a slip of paper and mini pencil and write a note on one of four categories:

  • jokes

  • if I could change anything about the community

  • books/shows to recommend

  • small business share.

It's a sweet, community-building initiative that allows anyone to hand-write thoughts and comments on what they like about our community. It's like what Facebook should be. The editor will compile the notes regularly and put out a news page in the bottom drawer once it's done. It will include info like the coolest books for kids, and suggestions for local babysitters. If you don't put in a note, you can still always check for the free news page.

The editor and creator of the news page (a middle schooler) will collect the notes and write up a summary of community news that residents can read in the custom built adorable bottom drawer of the news box.

This was imagined and built by Mt. Airy resident Fiona for her junior Black Belt project.

Anyone is welcome to contribute during Action Karate’s business hours at 11 W. Mt. Airy Ave. It’s almost like a Facebook community group, but in real life.

Here's a close-up of the mini golf pencils and slots to leave your note on each category. The first edition of the newsletter comes out next month. Make sure to get your comments in!

The custom built bottom drawer is where you'll find the final product: a news report about the community's responses to the week's questions.

** Action Karate manager’s note: banned topics include whether a loud noise is gunshots or fireworks, dog poop and parking spaces. **

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