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The Resilient Parent: Parent = Teacher

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

by Rochelle Brenner

When you teach something, you’re really learning it twice.

When you learn something that’s worth remembering, the best person to teach it to is your child. They’re a captive audience in that they live in your home. And sharing something that you learned as an adult expands their knowledge and awareness of the world.

Example: Today I took a Muay Thai class. The instructor illustrated various kicks and punches by comparing the body to a weapon. The shoulder is a chain and the arm is one side of the nunchuck, the body the other. Another one: strike with a push-pull as if you’re holding a Bo staff and when one side strikes forward the other side pulls back.

The lesson reinforced knowledge I already had but created a new visual in the context of Muay Thai. The knowledge is also applicable to many sports and movements — so I immediately shared the knowledge with my 13 year old. She does martial arts and uses weapons, but even if she didn’t, she can apply the concept to her softball bat or field hockey stick.

What you share can be a fun fact, a skill, or a life lesson. It can be a parenting approach or unique knowledge to your profession. Teach them why you’re doing what you’re doing. The job of a parent is to teach a child as much as you can.

Follow this: a good parent is a good teacher. A good teacher is a good learner. A good learner is a good teacher. A good learner is a good parent.

Every time you learn something, your child learns something and you become a better parent.

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