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What to do when you feel like a bad parent

The sole responsibility for teaching a child does not fall on the parents. Let that sink in.

Various individuals and environments including teachers, coaches, relatives, neighbors, classmates, doctors, therapists and mentors contribute to a child’s development.

If you are aware of a weakness in your parenting or your child’s behavior it does not necessarily indicate bad parenting. Turn it into good parenting by actively seeking guidance or support in addressing the behavior over time. Change and lasting influence don’t happen overnight. Parents play an active role in fostering the child by seeking outside help, such as involving a karate teacher, to provide additional strategies and support for the child.

Parenting is a complex and challenging journey, and each child is unique with their own set of needs and areas for growth. According to various videos on TikTok, a mosaic of highly educated experts and common sense, your parenting will never be perfect and your child is not under your full control. Recognize your limitations and seek assistance when necessary to help your child navigate and develop essential life skills.

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