Special Events

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Back to School Board Breaking

Monday, October 11

Noon to 6pm

Drop off event

Pizza lunch included

Minimum 2 breaks per person

$89 / Student

Bring a friend for $75

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Teen Self Defense

Starts October 21

Build confidence while working out together and working together to learn self-defense with foundational elements of martial arts. The class will help build skills in core strength and balance for other competitive sports and fitness activities.

For students ages 13 to 17. No experience needed.

Thursday @ 7:45pm

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Special Needs 1 on 1 

Coming Soon

Tuesdays 7:30 pm

- Or -

Saturdays 12:30 pm

Trial Offer: Earn a White Belt in 3 Classes includes uniform $99


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Johnson Youth Services

Coming in October

Grand Opening Special

3 Classes & Uniform $49

Classes forming now!

Kids | Teens | Adults | Seniors

Where: 1919 Medary Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19141

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Women's Kickboxing Cardio

Starts November 4

Join us for a fun, boot camp style cardio fitness class! Hit the heavy bag and go through a circuit of strength training boxing style.


Starts November 4 @ 10:45am

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After School Program

Starting this school year

Afterschool program is starting up with school.  If you’re looking for an after school program you can sign now.

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Active Balance for Older Adults

Starts September 18

**** Improve Your Balance ****
Balance training for older adults through martial arts

Sat 9:00am

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Beginner Karate Class


Join us for this In Person Beginner class!  Space is limited. 

Your child will learn discipline, increase focus, gain confidence, have fun, and they can get moving again!

Masks required & Socially Distanced.  

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Birthday Parties

Varied Times/Dates


Enjoy a socially distanced birthday celebration.  Cut the cake with a samurai sword! 

Virtual on Zoom

Invite up to 20 friends to a LIVE interactive birthday party with martial arts and fun activities.