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Action Birthday Parties Rock!


Looking to do something really special for your child’s birthday?  Sit back, relax and let us make sure this is a birthday they will never forget. You bring the cake and candles. We take care of everything else! 

Package 1:  The Basic Party  Members $359, Non Members $399

  • A 1 hour party for up to 20 guests

  • Karate class for the birthday child led by an instructor

  • A cake cutting ceremony with a Samurai sword. (Cake not provided). 

  • The only food allowed at this party is cake. 

  • The birthday child gets a cool ninja headband to wear.

** Most Popular **

Package 2:   Official Samurai Sword Cake Cutting Party  Members $469, Non Members $499

  • This is the party every kid wants.  

  • A 1 ½ hour party for up to 20 guests

  • Includes pizza

  • Custom martial arts class led by an instructor

  • Samurai sword cake cutting ceremony

  • Includes water bottles, napkins, plates & cutlery

  • Includes martial arts headband for each guest as a party favor.

Package 3: Make it a Super Warrior Extreme Party  Members $599, Non Members $629

  • Includes all of Package 2 benefits

  • A 2 hour party for up to 20 guests

  • Plus a choice of one of the following:

  1. The White Belt - students learn real martial arts moves and get to earn and keep a white belt

  2. Board Breaking - Board Breaking for all children.  Kids get to keep the board as a keepsake. 

  3. Samurai Sword - After cutting the cake, student gets a samurai sword keepsake 

  4. Green Power Ranger or Black Panther hosts the party with superhero-themed martial arts moves. 

* For Adults*  

Team Building or Fun Experience/Party $599 

  • A 2 hour party including pizza for all guests. 

  • Includes games, martial arts instruction, and a memorable event for any adult birthday, work team, fundraiser or parents night out.

  • Optional Add-on - Martial arts instruction for up to 20 kids under supervision of an instructor while adults socialize.  *Add $100


1- What’s the waiver?

All guests sign in when they arrive.

2- What if I have a special request?

We can accommodate most special requests. Please ask or relate in advance any special requests that you would like.  

3- Can we bring food?


4- Can we bring our own decorations?


5- Can we have a theme like Harry Potter or Star Wars?

Yes. This may entail an additional fee.

6- How do I reserve a party?

You reserve a party time by completing this form and paying the $150 non-refundable deposit. We will only accept the deposit if we can accommodate the time frame.

7- What if it snows? 

There are no refunds on the deposit. If it is impossible to hold the party due to a snowstorm, we will do our very best to accommodate an alternate time.

8- How far in advance should I book this?

We recommend 6 to 8 weeks in advance as our birthday party availability fills up fast.

9- How early can we show up to set up?

30 minutes early

10- What if we are late?

We will do our best to make your remaining time extremely fun. 

11- Do you really cut the cake with a sword?

Yes. No one gets hurt and it’s a magical moment.

12- What ages can participate?

Anyone under the age of 3 needs to have an adult holding their hand the entire time they are on the mat. Classes are designed for children older than 3 and instructors will adjust the party to keep mixed ages engaged.

13- I’m the parent. Can I do the karate?

Only if you’re a cool parent.

14- Can other parents of guests participate?

Only if they’re cool.

15- What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes. Everyone who is getting on the mat must take off their shoes. If you’re just there to watch and have pizza and cake, you can keep your shoes on.

16- What cake should I get? 

We have a good relationship with Frosted Fox on Germantown Avenue and they will give you 10 percent off for an Action party. Otherwise, get any cake you would like.

17- What about candles?

If you forget them, we have a plain one as back-up. 

18- I have all kinds of party requests for my special child on their special day.

Sure thing. Fill out the special requests and we will discuss how to make it happen if we can do it. We’ve had all kinds of creative requests - photo backdrops, minecraft theme, glow in the dark, etc. 

19- What food can’t I bring? 

Don’t bring ice-cream. It will melt. You can bring drinks besides water but they are only allowed in the parent area.

21- What if I want to change or add on to my package?

With enough notice, we will try to make the change. But note that last-minute notice is almost impossible as we schedule our employees and order party items in advance. 

22- If I enroll in karate, can I get the member discount for a birthday party? 

Yes. We are happy to host your party, and we would love to have you as a student.

23- Do you do parties outside of the karate school?

We can do online Zoom parties, but otherwise no.

24- Can you do a special needs party?

Yes, we have held parties for students with special needs.

25- What if we have special dietary needs?

We order pizza from a local shop fresh but we are not a facility that regularly handles food. Please take the same precautions you would take when ordering pizza for delivery at home. All pizzas are plain. We can do one gluten-free per request.

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