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Be vigilant about your health

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

I put my news reporter hat back on to try to get helpful information and spoke to the PA dept of health and Philly coronavirus hotline and several medical professionals.

The situation right now is small gatherings such as gyms restaurants and retail stores are being advised to take extra precautions under a heightened alert. All the obvious cliches about washing your hands and stay home if you’re sick. However there are no recommendations or advisories to close or avoid these places at this time.

  1. Even if public schools close those are considered large gatherings and closing them would potentially slow the spread. Meantime a karate school such as ours would be a small gathering. A relatively small gathering of vigilantly healthy people is what we hope to maintain. Anyone with even a little sickness needs to stay home, now more than ever. That being said the hotline person said “every day everything changes.” So Stay updated.

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