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Benefits of Karate for ages 3-6

Hi from Action Karate. We want you to see class the way we do. We are looking for progress, not perfection. We are looking for age-appropriate improvement over time. We want your child to gain strength and confidence in a nurturing setting.

Child development milestones are measured and assessed in four categories:

Social/Emotional Language/Communication Cognitive Physical/Movement

Each class is designed to encourage the students to grow and learn in each of these areas.

Many karate training centers don’t take kids younger than the age of 7, but we do because we know how to teach them. We know that they don’t have the muscle tone for full push-ups or the attention span for lectures.

Instructors are certified each year and educated on child development milestones and expectations in each class.

Karate is fun, engaging and age-appropriate for safety and growth. Instructors adapt activities based on individual abilities and closely supervise each student, giving them the chance to do things incorrectly before they adjust. Instructors are patient, supporting, positive and inclusive.


Watch for these milestones over the next week or two. Try some things with your child that gives him/her the chance to show the milestone.


One last thing.

Congratulations on choosing to put your child into martial arts at an early age. One of the nation's top FBI profilers highly recommended self-defense for kids. Check out the video. This is "Killer Psyche" host Candice DeLong and in this clip she's speaking to Action Karate instructor Rochelle Brenner.

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