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Don’t drink the bleach

By Rochelle E. Brenner

I listen to a lot of podcasts about true crime, scams, history and personal development. Recently I listened to one called “Deadly Cure,” a multi-episode series about the use of diluted bleach as a medical cure. The story is totally bonkers. I’ll sum it up: The creators of the less-than-safe tonic made a little money, presented themselves as a church with miracle water to avoid legal trouble, got targeted in an FBI sting, all the while telling cancer patients and parents of autistic children to take their bleach elixir aka mini doses of poison.

Then Covid came along and they were raking in $100,000-plus a month. To prevent or cure Covid, people spent far more money on bleach than they ever did on karate – even though karate actually does improve your health. Which brings me to my point: if you wanted to do something to improve your family’s health, don’t drink bleach. Instead, enroll in martial arts. It will help you, your kids, your extended family, your friends. The way it helps is really straightforward: no drugs or delusion required. The ingredients: regular people, good workouts, creative lessons, supportive friends, new skills and a frequent injection of confidence.

In addition, an official psychiatric medical community (according to another podcast I listened to) just approved physical exercise as a first-line of response for mental health struggles. That’s about as close to a prescription for karate that you can get. When you think about the extraordinary hurdles families are facing and the enormous challenges to overcome and the debilitating time and expense it takes, wouldn’t martial arts be like the best cost-benefit (in conjunction with whatever’s suggested from medical care providers.) This isn’t some theoretical need for a few – children as a generation are in a mental health crisis. On the whole, they need this. The point is: before you go and drink bleach, take karate. Worst case in karate is you end up earning a Black Belt.

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