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Link In the Chain tour of Greatness 2022

By Rochelle E. Brenner

This is a virtual tour of a few Link in the Chain projects created by Action Karate black belt candidates in December 2022.

Each project reflects the student’s initiative, creativity, passion and effort. It’s not a competition, it’s a reflection of what the student wanted to share. There are no grades for this.

The assignment: Complete a project that shares the martial arts with other people using whatever medium you would like (teaching, art, professional skill, etc.)

Project 1: 3-D Art Completed by 8 year old

This is a 3-D printed project of actual photos of the student. In the first image, she is a new student in ninja class. In the second, she is in basic class. In the third, she is in adult class.

And finally, the last image is of her holding the weapon as a Black Belt.

Project 2: Six Unique katas demonstrated by an 8 year old

This video is a compilation of weapon katas created, named and performed by the candidate. The weapons are the same ones used in the Black Belt test. The moves are the product of the child’s imagination and application of his training in both Black Belt training classes as well as demo classes. Each kata name cleverly describes the moves.

Project 3: Self-defense class

In partnership with Empower to Thrive, Senior Black Belt candidate taught a class inviting friends in a trauma-informed support group and community walking group to learn self-defense.

Project 4: Asah the Shark Artwork

This artwork is now displayed in the head instructor’s office. This student is 12 and this piece of art helped her channel her stress into something creative.

Project 5: Lego Weapons

Combining a love for martial arts and legos, this student created lego versions of black belt weapons. They will be displayed as art work in the party/personal training rooms in the karate school. They are full-size 1:1 representations.

Project 6: Teaching freshman

This senior black belt candidate is the youngest we’ve had - he’s only 14 and his goal is to be a martial artist for life. He taught karate to his freshman class – curriculum he developed and his classmates were able to follow along.

Project 7: Belt rack

As the student filled up her belt display rack, she noticed the empty spots and wanted to re-imagine it as something inspiring. Each time she aspired to a new belt, she envisions the student making strides toward that goal.

Project 8: Shark in 5 languages

This student drew a beautiful shark photo and wrote shark in several languages to represent the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere of martial arts training at Action Karate.

Project 9: Punching Video Seminar

This student created a video teaching his martial arts focusing on punch combinations. He took on this challenge to combat his fear of public speaking.

Project 10: Video of 2 Katas

As a challenge this student created a custom kata as well as performed a traditional kata from another martial art. He demonstrated his desire to improve and challenge himself.

Project 11: Instructional Pamphlet

This student smiles in every picture in this pamphlet sharing the movements for his favorite kata. It represents his personality to be happy, helpful and confident.

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