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Resilient Parent 001

Take a minute to watch this TODAY! (Even better if you watch it as a family).

According to Angela Duckworth, psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, GRIT is one of the key indicators in predicting future success, especially in children.

When I first saw this video, it reminded me of the journey to Black Belt. All those times a long the way, that our students have the opportunity to strengthen their GRIT muscle...when they don't earn their stripe the first time, when they don't do as well at the tournament as they thought they should, when they skip a class because they're tired, when they want to quit because they're bored, or it's too hard, or they're too busy...BUT, they come and train anyway.

Each time a challenge arises, we have an opportunity to teach an incredibly valuable lesson.

Let me know what you think!

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