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A reminder for students: Covid Self-Defense

Imagine you’re at the beach and out of nowhere a tsunami is coming. It’s March 2020. That was corona-virus. Scary, but you took cover and you’re OK even while some others are not. Over the next few months you slowly get more comfortable going back to the beach.

You're more careful. You always have your eyes on the ocean. As the water recedes, you move your blanket and umbrella closer to the shoreline. As high tide comes in, you move farther away. You’re always watching the waves lap at the shore. You’re always alert for a tsunami.

Here’s where we are now: It’s high tide. The water is getting really close. Covid is creeping up. We have to move back.

Action Karate Mt. Airy is updating our safety protocols. Six feet of separation at all times is the most important self-defense we can put into place right now, at karate and elsewhere.

What that means is we are taking more Covid precautions above and beyond what is required and in addition to what we already do:

  1. Intro & Private lessons are being done in a larger room to ensure 6 foot distance at all times

  2. Stay 6 feet away from everyone at all times in the building

  3. The mat is already spaced so that each training square allows about 9 feet of space. Stay in your square

  4. No eating in the building as it requires removing the mask.

  5. Please limit water breaks and drink water outside when possible

  6. Please enter and leave the building quickly to avoid a longer duration of exposure

  7. Instructors are strictly enforcing the 6-foot zone so that no one is ever exposed to another person in this building for more than a few moments in a day

  8. Instructors are only in the building when necessary to avoid continued exposure

  9. Any students who test positive for COVID, please inform us immediately so we can respond quickly

  10. Instructors are frequently testing for COVID as a precaution and required to stay home if exposed

  11. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for a class

  12. If you are required to quarantine from some other organization, do not come into the building

This is in addition to other precautions already in place:

  1. Masks are required at all times

  2. Temperature is checked at the door

  3. SignUp Genius is required for each class (with health check disclaimer)

  4. Wash hands/sanitize immediately upon entry

  5. No entry with any respiratory symptoms

  6. Front and back doors are open to maintain air flow

  7. Fans are on to increase air flow

  8. While the building is temperature controlled, fans and open doors may result in varied temperatures. Please dress accordingly

  9. Classes and belt graduations are available virtually

  10. The school is cleaned constantly and sanitizer is well-stocked

  11. If we have to quarantine, all classes will immediately be on Zoom and outdoor classes will be added when safe to do so

  12. All martial arts training here is non-contact

  13. Instructors provide unlimited feedback to students via video and text

  14. Immediate family members assist younger students on the mat

Stay safe

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